The Journey to Purpose Part Seven

Success Stories

Hey, my lovelies, how has everyone been? How has your week been? Are you taking it easy? Are you on the grind? Are you getting tired? Frustrated maybe? Do you need a holiday? like me lol! I can only imagine what it has been like for you in the past week. I, on the other hand, is in need of a retreat just some time off to recharge, rest and refuel and I believe I will be doing that soon.

I just want to encourage you to take some time off to recharge, refuel and rest as well; it will do your entire being some good. I know a lot of us actually feel guilty for resting or taking time off, you’re probably like who is going to do this and that, how is my workplace going to cope? What if my workload piles? You are not alone! I used to feel incredibly guilty for resting, I felt guilty for sitting down and just chilling, I would be thinking about all the multiple things I have to do. Until one day I was convicted, the Holy Spirit said, it doesn’t do anyone any good if you don’t rest because you will end up pouring from your reserve or empty cup rather than your overflow! And that really hit me! I need to be full before I can pour out and serve others. I can’t serve you from my reserve, I have to serve you from my overflow. I cannot give what I don’t have basically. 

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