Don’t Lose Focus


Hey, my lovelies, how are we doing today? I am so grateful for each and every one of you, thank you for supporting the blog, and taking out time to actually read, It means a lot to me. Can you believe we finally rounded off the journey to purpose series? I don’t know about you but for me, I have been tremendously blessed, the success stories were the icing on the cake! Too heavy, inspiring and absolutely enlightening. Now if you are a newbie here, I want to welcome you to the family, please do make yourself at home and look around, take a tour of your new home lol. For those of us who are returning and have been following the series, I would like to hear from you, do you have any questions? how did you find it? do you want to gain more clarity, whatever it is just send an email to and I will be willing to be of help. 

Story time

So, the funny thing is, I am actually experiencing a writer’s block lol yes! Each time I showed up to write I had nothing absolutely nothing, and I was like Holy Spirit what’s happening? Is there nothing you want to say to the people, what are we going to do because we need to deliver on Thursday. Anyway, I left my writing station and continued with my day, while I was making breakfast for the family, I was still thinking about the blog and what I was going to share on Thursday because I had already set a standard and I wanted to keep to it. In the midst of my thoughts, I heard, don’t write what is not inspired by Me, just because you feel the pressure to deliver, if I am not saying anything, don’t say anything, Wow, that healed my need to please and show up in the flesh. It healed my need to meet up with demands that I put there myself.  If it is not inspired by the Holy Spirit, then it is not worth putting out there. 

So, this led me to ask you these questions, are you doing things that are inspired by the Holy Spirit? or are you just doing them to show up for yourself? Do you take time to hear what is on the heart of God before you make a move? If God said to you close down all your influencing platforms, businesses or whatever it is you somewhat get value from are you going to do it? Take some time to sit with these questions, write them down in your journal and really think about it and most importantly be honest with yourself.  The Holy Spirit was reminding me that I am not the things I am doing; I am first and far most Gods daughter and that alone should be fulfilling for me. It’s true that I am in the assignment phase of my life. This season has been full on, executing and it is easy to get carried away with all the doing that you may miss out on the most important thing – Being His Daughter. 

I woke up for my usual prayer and journaling time and in the midst of journaling, I told Him I missed Him. In the midst of the doing, I actually missed my Abba, our relationship had become so work-related that I had missed our intimate moments where I am not asking for the next instructions on how to do this or that or a name for something, but where we just gist and He pours out His love and comfort on me. Now, like I said I am in the executing season, but it is vital to not lose sight of what is really important!  

What is your own prayer life like? Are you praying at God or are you genuinely seeking His face to get to know Him? Are constantly asking for what He can do for you? or are you asking what is on His heart? Take time to note these questions down and answer them with all honesty. Start to seek God’s heart and get to know Him not because you want something from Him but because you are His SON

Let’s be real most of us are not Sons, we are children. Sons are always after their Fathers’ heart, they want to please their Father; they are always concerned about the things that concern their Father. Sons are reliable, God can count on them because they don’t put themselves first, rather, they put the needs of their Father first. Meanwhile, children are always after what they can get from Daddy, I want this, I want that, can I have this too? God doesn’t love any one of them less, it Just means He won’t yet trust the children with certain things until they grow to full maturity and become Sons. 

So this is it guys, I just wanted to come here and encourage you to not lose focus on what is really important, to always remember you are first Abbas daughter/son and always build your relationship from that perspective. Do not get carried away by the things that you are doing, however,  pay attention to the person you are becoming, because at the end of the day your main purpose in life is not your various assignments, but becoming like the One who created you! 

With love always Lisa Maxwell


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