Hey friends, how are you keeping? I know we have all been hit with the crisis that is going on in the world and a lot has happened. As we stay safe and heed to the governments plead to stay in our homes, how has it been for you? depressing, boring, energetic, creative, relaxing? I don’t know what category you fall into, but I am sure we are not feeling the same about this lockdown and we are definitely all tired! I just want to share a few things that have been helping me go through this lockdown with my two sons all under six and my husband. 

At the beginning it really didn’t seem that bad; for starters my husband works away so having him full time has really been a plus for me and I am trying to maximise this opportunity! And no, it’s not what you are thinking please lol.  This lockdown has given me a chance to do a lot of things which I will share with you. I believe you can make most of this lockdown if you are at home and not one of the key workers which I applaud for all they are doing may God continue to keep them from harm.  Now it is easy for us to treat this as a holiday and do nothing except usual work, eat, sleep and watch Netflix! I don’t have a problem with that I do eat sleep and watch movies as well, but I want to challenge you to maximise this time.

Meanwhile, I am not pressuring you to start up a business or birth something that is not its time, it’s really not about the doing, it’s about the becoming. Though some genuinely have business ideas that have been sitting on desks for a while now, well this is your chance to revisit that idea and see if it’s time to birth it. Now for me I think this is the perfect time to do some inner work, like I said it’s not about the doing it’s about the becoming. You need to be the person for the vision, right? so it is time to work on you! You see that book you have been planning to read for like months now, this is the time to pick up. That course, you said you would do only if you had the time, well, you are not going anywhere for now so why don’t you pick it up. The exercise routine you were trying to build but didn’t have time for….. I guess you get the idea. Whatever it is that you have been trying to do but your excuse was time, well, my dearest you have the time now make use of it. 

I find journaling very helpful and therapeutic as it is how I talk to God and tell him what has been going on with me, my inspirations and just pouring out my heart really. I find that these times have given me the opportunity to just reflect and grow as a person. If you are an introvert and introspective like me, I guess you can take advantage of these times to reflect and look inward and maybe start journaling again if you ever stopped. I know a lot of people have been saying you can’t come out of this lockdown the same you must do something, well, I guess so but don’t feel pressured to produce anything but also know that working on yourself( your character) is also a major thing. For example, if you come out of this lockdown and all you did was become more patient, beloved that is a major transformation. Let me tell you, it’s better to have character with competence than competence without character. Don’t just execute goals without working on who you are becoming because its character that will stand in the test of times. 

What I have found really helpful is having a working system or schedule. Being at home can make one develop bad habits if you don’t have a working system. You could start waking up at any time, sleeping at any time and may end up being unproductive and discouraged. Allocate time to tasks and things you want to do so that you can be more productive and also improve yourself discipline. Last thing I would like to share with you is to breath and take one day at a time and also this could be a good time to build that relationship with God, he loves you and has big plans for you.  Till next time stay safe. 


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