There Is Hope

There is Hope!

Hello everyone, so glad to see you here! I love the support, thank you so much.  Today I just want to share what has been going on in my mind lately. With everything happening on the news and in society as a whole, it can get to you; you start to ask questions and if you are a parent you start worrying about your children’s future and so on.  While it seems like all we are hearing is gloom and doom, my dear readers there is hope! And what is this hope you say?  See while all this was going on in my mind, the Holy Spirit reminded me who I was and to whom I belong to.  And that brought peace to my heart because I know who I belong to and I know who I am in Christ.  Therefore, I refuse to fear or entertain fearful thoughts. The word of God tells me to renew my mind (Romans 12:2) with his word! So instead of feeding myself with the negativity and fear that the media is pouring out, I chose to feed myself with the TRUTH! Which is the word of God. And I just want to encourage you my dear readers today that there is hope!

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